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Name Type Description Required
refundRequestId String A unique identifier of the refund

Transaction generated by [merchantName]. It should be preceded by the [merchantCode] as prefix.

subscriptionId String A unique identifier that represents the user lifecycle since subscription.

Should be “SP” for onetime payment.

userId String Countrycode + MSISDN of the user Y
transactionId String The identifier of the transaction to be refunded, generated by the Merchant in the earlier purchase request. It should be preceded by the [merchantCode] as prefix. Y



chargeResponseId String Received from some Telco Operator in Charge Requests

This is OPCO generated identification of the Charge Response operation.

Can be used within the refund request (if refund requires OPCO chargeId)

amount Decimal Amount to be refunded, it must be less or equal than the total amount pending to refund on the original transaction.

If not filled, the full amount is refunded

currency String The currency code. For example “KWD” Y
aggregatorId String The northbound aggregator partner Y
merchantId String The Owner of the product. [MERCHANTNAME] in

our case

product String Identifier of the product, in our case


subProduct String Identifier of the subproduct in case if there are

multiple subproducts types under the same product.

reason String The refund reason Y
purpose String Should be as [merchantName]-[ productName] Y